Get funded R11 000 or R22 000 or R45 000 every week, every day or every out without going to the bank. Build & manage a big Funding Team.

50/50 Crowd Funding is a new partnership of peer to peer donations. It is the world first crowd funding system which allows you to receive half of everything that happens in the matrix forever.
It is based on the World Famous Mobius Loop and the System G Technology, which is the:

Most Successful 2*2 follow me matrix in history.

50/50 is a team Crowd Funding System that provides both Help from Above and Below and you receive Donations seconds after registering.

It is a peer-to- peer Team Crowd funding System, which means there is no waiting for a matrix to fill, No Middleman and 100% of All Donations are immediately assigned to a beneficiary.


You can transform your financial position in life with 5050Crowdfunding or 5050Fast?

All you need is:
1. a strong desire to win
2. R700
3. two like minded people who will introduce 2 like minded people

All you need is:
1. A strong desire to win
2. R4000
3. Two Like Minded People who will introduce 2 like minded people

The rewards are huge and the potential of you becoming a millionaire in not far fetched.

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Contact Details:

Stephen Mashasha
5050 Crowd Funding
Tell: 012 755 8093
Cell: 061 121 2170
Cell: 081 427 1390
WhatsApp: 012 755 8093

5050 URL:

Crowdfunding is relatively new in South Africa

It’s a new Concept

It’s not a Network Marketing Business

It is when the Community of people come together with the same vision

* Funding Business
* Pay Off Debts
* Buy a New car
* Buy a New House
* Pay Off School Fees

It’s is a form of generating income among’st the people

* No selling
* No recruiting
* No buying

It’s a Legal System
Legit operates over 150 countries

We call it a Global Stokvel

How do you become a member

It all depends on how much do you want to raise

First pay the license online 19$ or 29$ once in 6 months

You need to bring your Two people on board

You can start as little as R1000

With R1000 you will donate to Two people of which one will be the one who introduced you.

R500 each

Then your Two People must Donate R500 each to you meaning you will get your R1000 back from your two people that you introduced

Then you will also get paid 500 from the 4 people that where brought by your friends

You get paid R500 from six people

R3000 you upgrade to R2000

* Donate R1000 to Two people to get R1000 X 6
= R6000

* Donate R4000 which is R2000 to two people to get R12 000

* Donate R7000 which is R3500 to two people to get R3500 x 6
=R21 000

* Donate R14 000 which is R7000 x 2
= R42 000

Donate R28 000 to two people which is R14 000 each to get R14 000 X 6
=R84 000

The list go on and on…

You Upgrade every after the sixth payment

Together we can break the chains of poverty.

Click the following link to join our WhatsApp Group for more info:

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